Winter Lookbook for the Ever-Approaching Global Warming Apocalypse

    As Trump repeals laws protecting our environment and cuts funding to National Park services, we, here at Never Heard of Her, are preparing for the inevitable apocalypse ushered in by climate change. Carbon emissions are on the rise, depleting the earth’s ozone layer and diminishing the filtration of the sun. We, earthlings are experiencing more extreme weather that no one asked for and we certainly don’t need.

   Never Heard of Her put together some casual everyday outfits for surviving our future hellscape in style. Enjoy these fun flirty winter fashions as we rapidly deplete the earth’s natural resources and plummet to our demise.



Photo by Nora Drew Styling by Leslie Castromayor Model: Jaszmine Collins

Observe the rapid loss of protection of our National Parks in this gorgeous mesh floral maxi.

    Want to roam in style amongst the majestic Redwoods while you still can? You know, before they lose protection and are all cut down? This insanely sexy, wild floral dress will help you embody your inner Mother Goddess while still enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the Redwood National Park. Pair with rugged heeled lace-up combat boots with tread in case you hear, “Timber!”  and need to dodge a 5,000 year-old Redwood falling towards you, threatening to speed up your eminent death.

“The president’s budget proposal once again demonstrates that the administration is actively working to undermine our national parks and the environment on which they depend,” – John Garder, senior director of budget and appropriations at the National Parks Conservation Association.

Photo by Nora Drew Styling by Leslie Castromayor Model: Jaszmine Collins

You’ll be red hot in this silk romper & snake print moto jacket while our methane emissions rise and global surface temperatures increase!

    Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire! And where there are pipeline drillings, there are oil spills and methane leaks! But honey, you need not worry about being caught in a dystopian wasteland looking blasé, because you are so fine in this baby-pink, silk, teddy romper and snake-skin studded moto jacket. Be as hot as you feel (literally because within the past decade alone, global temperatures have deviated from the long-term average by 1.13 degrees Fahrenheit in 2006 to 1.57 degrees Fahrenheit in 2015)! In this sassy number, you’re ready to take on anything our wacky climate throws your way.

Photo by Nora Drew Styling by Leslie Castromayor Model: Jaszmine Collins

Shine Bright Like a Diamond in your gem studded bralette – a sparkle you could get lost in as you attempt to forget the selling of energy from public lands!

    Don’t get lost in the crowd – or the angry mob – when you wear this 90’s raver-style ensemble. Show off your glow-up in this eye-catching bralette á la Madonna. The shiny objects may distract you and help you feel better that Trump and Department of Infrastructure are proposing a strategy for leasing offshore oil and gas, which has faced criticism from the governors of nearly every coastal state. It doesn’t matter! You look fierce! Don’t forget the Administration is also taking steps to start energy leasing in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the act was recently authorized by the Congress. 

  The truth is, our planet is quickly deteriorating and our country is in shambles. It’s hard enough to get through the day without constant reminders of how our current president is destroying our democracy and encouraging the destruction of our protected lands. We decided to deal with this with tongue-in-cheek humor because it’s too exhausting to perpetually sob.


With love,




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