What to Expect From Us

Artist Spotlight

In our Artist Spotlight, we get to know a featured creative, by interviewing and photographing her. We are excited to share some of our favorite artists with you.

Get to Know Her: Katie Kimmel

Both Katie Kimmel and her work are hilarious and sassy. She creates personified ceramics, like her dog vases with playful tongues or her blissful, smiling shrimp.  


I Don’t Care

I Don’t Care is a series in which we explore internalized misogyny. Nora pulls from her own past, when she repressed her femininity in hopes to navigate the world more successfully. Her first post focuses on the color pink.

Our Work

When Nora and I brainstorm for a shoot, the creative genius comes out in both of us where we play off each other’s crazy ideas. It’s like playing fashion mad libs. I say, “I want neon, glitter, and feature some type of fur” and Nora will reply, “ok, so it sounds like, disco with coats, disco coats,” and our theme is born.

Girl with a Basket of Bread

For our second shoot, I wanted to feature a beautiful lime green kimono, so Nora came up a modern take on Carvaggio’s Boy with a Basket of Fruit. The end result is nothing short of stunning.