Welcome to Never Heard of Her

Never Heard of Her embodies female empowerment, creativity, and style. I obsess over high-fashion, art, and vintage; this blog is an platform to showcase these passions. I had done a few styling gigs and odd jobs, but nothing felt fulfilling. While soul searching for the right outlet, the political climate was changing, and women, trans people and femmes alike need to band together more than ever.

My next step was to find the perfect squad. That’s when I found the perfect partner in Ms. Nora Drew, a talented photographer with a knack for set design on a shoestring budget. Together we are each other’s muses, we fire on all creative cylinders, and we make some dope shit.

This blog is not just about me; I want it to be a platform, a megaphone for all women creatives out there!

Never Heard of Her is not only a place for us to give a glimpse into our own mad-makings, but a destination for the reader to find out about other femme creatives. This is the place for women artists of all genres to be heard. If you haven’t heard of her, now you will.

Love yo girl,


Leslie and I met while I was shooting her headshots in May of 2017. I had been going through a fuck-all-authority and a fuck-your-standards stage. (My mom will tell you that I have had an on-again/off-again love affair with these stages since I was a wannabe emo kid at thirteen.) So when Leslie approached me, I wasn’t in the mood to set up a white backdrop and ask her to alternate between smiling face and serious face. I was pleasantly surprised when I told Leslie, a then-stranger, that I wanted to shoot her in unflattering, red-gelled lights in a style we ended up calling “ethereal-vamp,” she was totally onboard. I knew then: we clicked.

Never Hear of Her was Leslie’s idea. She explained it to me during our first meeting, and I immediately jumped on the chance to work with a down to earth, motivated stylist. We have been working on Never Heard of Her for five months, with the help of many of our friends (Shout out to: Alex, Elissa, Heliz, Katie, Renee, Jasz, Cassie, Nikki, Leah, and Ashlee). I’m both excited and scared to share this first post with you all. To Leslie: no matter how our blog is received, I’m proud of the work we are putting out and I’m proud of our hustle.

With Love,