I Don’t Care: Pink is Power

I Don’t Care is a series where I explore my internalized misogyny. Through this series I work on claiming my femininity as my own.

Hand-Written text by Ashlee Stewack, Photo by Nora Drew

I refused to wear, or own anything pink up until I was 21 years old.

In my childhood, I desperately wanted to prove that I wasn’t like other girls.

Associating women, girls, and femme with pink is part of our western gender script; babies are gender-coded by color even before they are born. I believe that my disdain of pink was a symptom of my internalized misogyny – I did not want to associate myself with what media and my peers coded as feminine. Pink represented ditzy, flirty, snobby, innocent, weak, sweet and compliant. I believed that by distancing myself from female-coded objects, I would be a more likable person. I was scared of exploring my own femininity. I was embarrassed to wear pink; I was embarrassed to act “like a girl.”

Photo by Nora Drew

In this series of photographs, I discover pink as moody, strong, mysterious, dark. Just like femininity, pink is everything at once.

Pink is power.

Photo by Nora Drew