Girl with Basket of Bread after Caravaggio

In this editorial photoshoot, we create our take on Caravaggio’s classic, Boy with Basket of Fruit, styled with a Korean jeogori.

Ellissa Jane Mac Arthur, Nora Drew, Leslie Castromayor, Caravaggio, Never Heard of Her
Girl with Basket of Fruit after Caravaggio | Never heard of Her

Photo: Nora Drew

Stylist: Leslie Castromayor

Model: Ellissa Jane MacArthur


It had been raining all day. I was with My friends, erin and Heliz, at the final stop of a tour of my favorite resale and vintage spots to find ‘fits for Never Heard of Her’s first shoot. I first saw this jeogori*, shining like a hot pink and green beacon on an over-stuffed rack marked unceremoniously, “Jackets & Coats.” As soon as I pulled out the kimono Erin said, “That is ridiculous.” I knew it was perfect.

The jeogori did not make the cut for our first shoot. I tried like hell to make it work. The thing is, the jeogori is cropped and ties very unflatteringly in the front. Upon reflection, it was possibly meant for a child. But I needed it to be seen.






Caravaggio, boy with basket of fruit, 1509, never heard of her,
Boy with Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio | Never Heard of Her

This shoot was modeled after Caravaggio’s “Boy with a Basket of Fruit” from 1593. The background was made out of recycled brown paper packaging from packages. As well as photographing, I actually acted as MUA for this shoot. It was my first time ever applying makeup to a face other than my own, so go easy on me. You’ll be able to see Ellissa again very soon in an upcoming Artist Spotlight.


With love,




*A jeogori is the top part of a hanbok, a traditional South Korean dress.

Never Heard of her, caravaggio, Leslie castromayor, Nora Drew, Ellissa Jane MacArthur
Detail of Girl with Basket of Fruit | Never heard of Her
Caravaggio, boy with basket of fruit, art history, Never heard of her
Detail of Boy of with Basket of Fruit | Never heard of Her