Arizona Souvenir Guide

At the end of January I went to Arizona with my friend Ellissa and I thought I would round up the souvenirs I got from the trip, to create a souvenir guide. We hit up Phoenix (and the surrounding cities of Scottsdale and Tempe), Jerome, Sedona, and The Grand Canyon in the four days that we were there, Turns out the State of Arizona is huge. While I wouldn’t recommend traveling that far in such a short span of days, Arizona is breathtakingly beautiful and I believe that it’s an underrated vacation destination.

I used miscellaneous object from my house as well as souvenirs from the trip to style these photos.

southwestern vintage
Photo by Nora Drew

Southwestern Belt: I purchased this at (woman owned) Antique Sugar, a shop carrying the quintessential southwestern vintage that my midwestern/Californian ass never knew that I needed. Ellissa and I happened upon this store, when everything was half off. Needless to say, I got a deal. I also got an amazing pair of 50’s, Kurt-Cobain-esque sunglasses, black with green frames, that my boyfriend swiftly stepped on. RIP.

Grand Canyon Sticker & Postcard: I got these at two different souvenir shops inside of the Grand Canyon National Park (read about our views on national parks here). One shop was right along the southern rim and the other was a general store not too far from the southern rim.

Other objects featured in this photo include: a yellow, red, pink, and white woven rug from Humboldt House Chicago that is too beautiful to step on, a chenille pillow from urban outfitters, a bandana that I dyed pink and block printed, and a chain necklace painted white that belonged to my Grandma.

southwestern vintage
Photo by Nora Drew

Crystals and Essential Oil Blend: I picked these rocks up at Crystal Magic in Sedona, a city infamous for its’ healing powers. New-Age practices of all kind are popular in this city and healing crystals are king. I have never seen so many crystal shops in one place.

Head Vase: I knew that she was already mine when I saw her. I am a sucker for any home goods with a face. I love this vase. Her ears are pierced; amazing. I picked her up at Retro Ranch, which is another vintage store that is stocked half with clothing and accessories, and half with home goods. If I lived in the area, I would furnish my entire house with objects from this store.

Royal College of Beauty Shirt: I picked this up from the aforementioned Antique Sugar.

Other objects featured in this photo include a zip clutch from Clare V, Sheets from Urban Outfitters, alphabet stickers from the target dollar isle, tiny yellow bowl from anthropologie, and bouquet of flowers arranged and purchased from my favorite Chicago flower shop Asrai Garden.

Southwestern Vintage
Photo by Nora Drew

Ceramic Pink Hand: No new shops to report here. This is from Retro Ranch.

Grand Canyon Sticker: This sticker is also from the trusty General Store near the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Other objects featured in this photo include a pink and cream checked rug from Aelfie, trays and dish towels from target, heart lolli bobby pink from indie woman designer, Tuesday Bassen, and vintage digestif glasses gifted to me by my dad.