Never Heard of Her is a place for creative women, trans people, and femmes alike to come together, and empower each other through art, photography, visual design, & fashion. All featured artists are on the cusp of being the next big thing, art darling, or fashion ingenue. You haven’t heard of her? You will.

We’re just two ladies that want to make some cool art. Does this sound like you too? Join us!

Nora Drew

Nora Drew is a photographer and artist with a affection for all-things kitsch. You’ll find that her studio is littered with stickers, glitter, sequins, and tiny cut outs of cherub angels. She strives to live through an intersectional feminist lens.

She is happiest when making paper crafts with Marcel, her tiny rude dog sitting in her lap. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, she’s been art focused and passionate about women’s rights and equal opportunities for all.

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Leslie Castromayor

is a Visual Designer and Independent Style Consultant living in Chicago. By day you’ll catch her handling the complexities of digital marketing, while in off-hours she’s a freelance stylist, tailoring shoots and consulting for various retailers.

A graduate of The Illinois Institute of Art, she’s fused with Chicago’s arts and tech community, enthusiastically supporting women artists and tech entrepreneurs in articulating their visions.

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